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happy Diwali 2017 for children, diwali, diwali images, diwali wallpaper

happy Diwali 2017 for children, diwali, diwali images, diwali wallpaper,

As a festival of light, Diwali brings happiness and happiness for all children. Children await the arrival of this great festival year-round. They like to celebrate it because they have a lot of fun on this day. When it is close to coming, they already have their parents worshiping God's idol, worship items, crackers, sweet dishes, and renewal of the house, and other things for worship at home. To say that was done last year. They request their grandparents, grandparents, and other members of the house to tell the story of Diwali, because they like to hear the story of Diwali. They talk about preparations, celebrations and other things of Diwali with their friends in classrooms. They send messages, congratulations and gifts to their loved ones all over the world through mobile or post.

They wait with the enthusiasm and courage of Diwali to make more great and memorable moments than last year. They learn to make rangoli, participate in the cleaning of the house, go shopping for shopping and take other home responsibilities. They are very excited to bring their favorites like TV, music theater, laptops, bicycles, toys, fridges, washing machine, home decoration, fireworks etc.

Activities for children on Diwali

There is a lot of activity for children in India on Diwali. Children from all houses celebrate together by playing religious games with each other, preparing for the Diwali program. They take part in various activities of the house while preparing Diwali festival. They are eager to know more about the festival to enjoy the festivities during the Diwali season.

Functions for children:


Children enjoy the festival by playing different types of games with friends and family on the festival of Diwali. They usually enjoy playing outdoor games as well as hidden concepts, passing bucks, drum chairs, word scammers, musical chairs and many other indoor games. On this great occasion, they become more involved with their friends by joining in extra-curricular activities. They spend more time playing with different sports and with family and friends.


Kids enjoy Diwali burning fireworks with their friends and family at evening time. They burn the firecrackers under the supervision of their parents because they may have any damage or accident. Before burning the firecrackers, they know the measures to protect their wards and how to save firecrackers and save themselves.

Diwali dishes:

They wait for Diwali to make various types of food at home, make sweets and other dishes at home. They are involved in tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including their family and friends. They are encouraged to join their preparation of the most loved sweets. This festival provides a precious moment for all children to learn something from their parents.

Cleanliness and decoration activities:

Children join their parents and other family members with great enthusiasm in the cleaning and decoration of the house. Like many things to Diwali children; Rangoli makes many decorations of home decoration, giving gifts, making new friends, making new dishes, doing traditional and cultural activities, honoring boys etc.

Making handicrafts:

Children enjoy making handicrafts related to Diwali with their friends and family in their home or class. Give some handicrafts related to Diwali, goods, candle and home decoration etc. They are very eager to learn attractive handicrafts from their teachers and parents.

Essay on Diwali for children:

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Diwali facts for children

Facts about fun for children on Diwali:

It is a national holiday in many countries like India, Nepal, Suriname, Myanmar, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Fiji.
This is the beginning of the new financial year for businessmen of India.
Diwali is the sign of the end of the summer crop season, with the onset of winter crop season in India.

Some religious facts of Diwali

Diwali is a festival celebrated for five days, it is known as the festival of light.
On the festival of Diwali, there is a tradition of illuminating the soil with the sweet oil.
This year the main Diwali will be celebrated on November 3.
It is a Hindu ritual that the arrangement of lighting lamp, candle or other lightning lights all night is done to welcome prosperity from the heart.
Diwali is the indicator of the removal of darkness and the inclusion of light and blessings in our lives.
It is also an indication of the arrival of the new season after the rainy season.
People use different colors on the door to make Rangoli, wear new clothes, open doors and windows of the house and burn the lights all day to welcome wealth and prosperity.

बच्चे दिवाली कैसे मानते हैं 
prakaash ke tyauhaar ke rup mein, diwali sabhee bachchon ke liye khushee aur aanand ke kshan laata hai. bachche poore saal is mahaan tyauhaar ke aane ka intajaar karate hai. ve ise manaana bahut pasand karate hai kyonki ve is din bahut mastee karate hai. jab yah aane ke kareeb hota hai, ve pahale se hee apane maata-pita se ghar par pooja ke liye bhagavaan kee moorti, pooja kee vastuen, pataakhe, meethe vyanjan banaane, upahaar aur kapane khareedane, ghar ke rup ko naveeneekrt karane aur any cheejen karane ke liye kahate hai jo pichhale varsh kee gayee thee. ve apane daada-daadee, naana-naanee, aur ghar ke any sadasyon se diwali kee kahaanee sunaane ke liye anurodh karate hai, kyonki unhen  diwali kee kahaanee sunana bahut achchha lagata hai. ve kakshaon mein apane mitron se  diwali  kee taiyaaree, jashn aur any cheejon ke baare mein charcha karate hai. ve mobail ya post ke maadhyam se pooree duniya mein apane priyajanon ko sandesh, badhaee aur upahaar bhejate hain.

ve pichhale varsh se bhee jyaada mahaan aur yaadagaar palon ko banaane ke liye  diwali  ka bahut utsaah aur saahas ke saath intajaar karate hai. ve rangolee banaana, ghar kee saaph-saphaee mein bhaag lena, khareedadaaree ke liye baajaar jaana aur ghar kee any jimmedaariyon ko lena seekhate hai. ve ghar apanee pasandeeda cheejen jaise tee0vee0, sangeet thiyetar, laipatop, saikil, khilaune, phrij, kapane dhone kee masheen, ghar kee sajaavat ka samaan, pataakhe aadi laane ke liye bahut utsaahit hote hai.

दिवाली के दिन बच्चे क्या करते हैं?

bhaarat mein bachchon ke liye diwali  par karane ke liye bahut saaree gatividhiyaan hai. sabhee gharon ke bachchen ek doosare ke saath dhaarmik khel khelakar, diwali  kaaryakram kee taiyaaree karake ek saath utsav manaate hai. ve  diwali  utsav kee taiyaaree karate samay ghar kee vibhinn gatividhiyon mein bhaag lete hai. ve  diwali  ke mausam ke dauraan utsav ka poora aanand lene ke liye aur adhik cheejon ke baare mein jaanane ke liye utsuk rahate hai.

दिवाली के दिन बच्चे मस्ती कैसे करते हैं?


bachchen divaalee ke tyauhaar par apane mitron aur parivaar ke saath alag-alag kismon ke khel khelakar tyauhaar ka aanand lete hai. ve aamataur par chhupan-chhupaee, paasing bak, dram chaarades, vard skraimbaler, myoojikal cheyar aur any bahut se inador khelon ke saath hee aautador khel khelakar mastee karate hai. is mahaan avasar par ve atirikt-paathyottar gatividhiyon mein shaamil hokar apane mitron ke saath aur bhee adhik ghul-mil jaate hai. ve vibhinn khelon ko khelane ke saath hee apane parivaar vaalon aur mitron ke saath aur bhee adhik samay vyateet karate hai.


bachchen divaalee par shaam ke samay apane mitron aur parivaar vaalon ke saath pataakhe jalaane ka aanand lete hai. ve pataakhe apane maata-pita kee dekharekh mein jalaate hai kyonki un ke saath koee nukasaan ya durghatana ho sakatee hai. ve pataakhe jalaane se pahale apane badon se suraksha ke upaay jaanate hai ki pataakhon ko kaise jalaaya jaaye aur khud ko kaise bachaaya jaaye.

divaalee ke vyanjan:

ve divaalee par maan ke dvaara ghar par vibhinn prakaar ke bhojan banaane, mithaee banaane aur any vyanjan banaane ka intajaar karate hai. apane parivaar aur mitron sahit ve svaadisht naashta, dopahar ke bhojan ke saath hee saath raat ke bhojan mein lipt rahate hai. unhen apanee sabase adhik pasand kee mithaee kee taiyaaree mein shaamil hone ke liye protsaahit kiya jaata hai. yah tyauhaar sabhee bachchon ko apane maata pita se kuchh seekhane ke lie ek anamol kshan pradaan karata hai.

saaph-saphaee aur sajaavat kee gatividhiyaan:

bachchen apane maata-pita aur parivaar ke any sadasyon ke saath ghar kee saaph-saphaee aur sajaavat kee gatividhiyon mein bahut utsaah ke saath shaamil hote hai. divaalee bachchon ko bahut saaree cheejen jaise; rangolee banaana, ghar kee sajaavat karana, upahaar dena, naye dost banaana, naye vyanjan banaana, paramparaagat aur saanskrtik kriyaen karana, badon ka sammaan karana aadi ko seekhaane ke bahut saare avasar laatee hai.

hastashilp banaana:

bachchen apane ghar par ya kaksha mein apane mitron aur parivaar vaalon ke saath divaalee se sambandhit hastashilp banaane ka aanand lete hai. divaalee se sambandhit kuchh hastashilp deeyen, maalaayen, momabattee aur ghar kee sajaavat kee vastuen aadi hain. ve apane shikshakon aur maata-pita se aakarshak hastashilp seekhane ke liye bahut utsuk hote hai.

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