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how to make Safe and Healthy Diwali 2017- happy diwali 2017

happy diwali 2017

The biggest craze in children is on fireworks only in Diwali. Even if the MILLION is forbidden, the most loud bang crackers are the same.
Well, children are children, but you are big. Take care of these things before burning firecrackers. Keep children safe and stay yourself too.
how-to-make-Safe-andHealthy-Diwali-2017- happy-diwali-2017
1. Prepare the First Aid Box
If you look at the records of the past few years, the number of accidents that have happened on Diwali has happened with 98 per cent of women and children below 18 years of age. Anyway, there can be any kind of accident on Diwali. In such a way, you should prepare the First Aid box at home.
2. Burn the crackers after reading the instructions
If the crackers do not burn you, do not buy them or you can burn them only after reading all the instructions on the packet. Make a separate box of firecrackers. One thing to keep in mind is that the firecrackers do not burn in the box.
3. Open fireworks
Find out the open spaces before leaving firecrackers. Wherever you burn the firecrackers at home or outside, keep in mind that there is no easily burning, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene or gas cylinders.
4. Special attention to children
Stay with the children while lighting the firecrackers and tell them the safe way to run crackers. Do not let young children burn firecrackers. Do not let the children younger than five years burn.
5. Use of candle
Use candles or long woods to burn crackers. Fireworks can be dangerous. Burn the same cracker at a time. You can distract your attention in the condition of leaving many crackers at once and this becomes the cause of the careless negligence. While burning firecrackers, keep a bucket of water and baranol cream in the near future so that relief can be found in the condition of burning.

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